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Wedding indefinitely postponed.
Been, like, what, two years since I posted last? Crap! I must've fallen off the Earth for some time, I suppose.

Guess what? I'm getting married! EEEEE! :)
Ye gods, it's been quite a long time since I posted something. I know, I know, I say that all too often. But, really.....

I spent the last year living in various unpleasant-ish (or, at least, psycho-social rehab-type) places... First three months were spent at Redwood House, a crisis-house, following eight months were spent at Hawthorne House, a "step-down" house... and then this last month I spent in a homeless shelter. I think it's obvious as well as understandable that the shelter was my least favorite of the three places to live.

I finally found a house-sharing circumstance, though... "Huzzah and hurrah!" as Hugh Laurie's character George in Blackadder Goes Forth would triumphantly crow.
DAVID TENNANT TO PLAY IN MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING!!! Opposite Catherine Tate. OOoooh.... I hope they film it!
The fire leaps high,
Dancing and spinning,
Shading from deep red to electric blue
Her phoenix soul draws you in
Until you can no longer resist -
Dancing and spinning,
Leaping with Her flames.

- inspiration by "Firebird's Child" by S.J. Tucker
I'm sitting at my favorite local cafe, sitting at the Doctor Who (Ten, of course!) gaming table, drinking my usual (white chocolate with caramel).... I <3 this table!!! I want it. :) [Will include pics soon.]
I can't believe it, but, wow, what a rush! I think the letter turned out really well, too - I think I'm even a little proud of it. :)

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I'm sitting here feeling like a little girl ready to write a letter to Santa Claus - I'm finally going to email David Tennant and get it into his Christmas book! :) I feel slightly giddy - I know, I'm being a total fangirl - but my words are actually going to be read by him! "This is the very ecstasy of love", or at least of intense infatuation and respect and admiration. :)
I crack up every time I see this title, but it's kind of contextless this way, so, from a friend's journal: "Because 27 is not quite over the hill, there are plenty of things that someone that age will still find enjoyable."

And now my full response:


I'm gobsmacked. I really am. I'm bloody 11 years older than that!!! I suppose they expect me to wave my cane randomly and irritably at people and yell, "HEY! You kids get off my lawn!" Luckily, I already have a cane.;) Sadly, I lack a lawn. :)
I have a Netbook! In fact, I'm posting from my friend Ryan's house! Ian't technology wonderful?!?

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving, everyone!

- Love,

- Stef