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I'm sitting here feeling like a little girl ready to write a letter to Santa Claus - I'm finally going to email David Tennant and get it into his Christmas book! :) I feel slightly giddy - I know, I'm being a total fangirl - but my words are actually going to be read by him! "This is the very ecstasy of love", or at least of intense infatuation and respect and admiration. :)

Hey!! It's David Tennant---you are allowed--nay! urged to be a 'total fan girl'
He really is a good human being as well as being an amazing actor.... not to mention sex on legs. ;)

*hugs* Missed you. How are you doing? How was your Thanksgiving?
We're all just perking along as usual here. Thanksgiving this year will probably go down as one of the more memorable Thanksgiving at our house, ending as it did with everyone setting around after pies etc, and eying the dirty dishes on the long folding table (all covered with a lace table cloth to look fancy) and having the legs on one end folding up as Ruth and I tried to move it to let the dogs out. Dishes, wine glasses,center piece, halves of three pies and the bowl of whipped cream all slid noisily to the floor!! The dogs were all "Score!!!" Timothy wanted to run over and see what had happened, and chaos ensued. The final count was only one cheap wine glass broken and a rapidly developing bruise on my knee where the table hit me on the way down--everything else slid to the floor without breaking of spilling. and due to some rapid dog containment, uneaten!! at least uneaten by dogs, the people had already made big inroads into the really great meal! Thank you Ray, and Rachel and Riggs!
So it was memorable as not actually containing Thanksgiving dinner? ;)

Oh, we had a wonderful dinner!! Turkey, dressing mashed potatoes & gravy, pear & candied walnuts, and Ray even made a "classic" green bean casserole (which is NOT a family tradition, and wouldn't be added to out family Thanksgiving) and cranberry sauce, finished off by three pies. pumpkin, mincemeat and a raspberry cream pie. I was wonderful.
Sounds lovely, except for the walnuts (I'm allergic). And that raspberry pie is making me hungry. :)
That's so full of awesome I don't even have words for it.
Thanks, Crys. :) I'm all... gods, it's just an amazing feeling... I get to tell him some of the serious stuff I've wanted to for ages.... :) Eeee!