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I'm sitting here feeling like a little girl ready to write a letter to Santa Claus - I'm finally going to email David Tennant and get it into his Christmas book! :) I feel slightly giddy - I know, I'm being a total fangirl - but my words are actually going to be read by him! "This is the very ecstasy of love", or at least of intense infatuation and respect and admiration. :)
So it was memorable as not actually containing Thanksgiving dinner? ;)

Oh, we had a wonderful dinner!! Turkey, dressing mashed potatoes & gravy, pear & candied walnuts, and Ray even made a "classic" green bean casserole (which is NOT a family tradition, and wouldn't be added to out family Thanksgiving) and cranberry sauce, finished off by three pies. pumpkin, mincemeat and a raspberry cream pie. I was wonderful.
Sounds lovely, except for the walnuts (I'm allergic). And that raspberry pie is making me hungry. :)