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I can't believe it, but, wow, what a rush! I think the letter turned out really well, too - I think I'm even a little proud of it. :)

Dear David -

I'd like to start by wishing you a very happy Christmas. I hope you're able to spend it with your loved ones and that it brings you at least a spark of that feeling that I had as a child on Christmas morning - that all was right with the world, and peace reigned the globe for a short while, at least.

Secondly, I want to congratulate you on your performance in Hanlet. While I sadly was unable to see the production live, even the DVD is simply breathtaking, and there's a feel to it that one doesn't get with films often at all - there's an immediacy between you and the viewer, almost as if we *were* seeing it live, only with the benefit of the zoom lens to catch the subtler nuances of your expressions. Hamlet is my favorite tragedy of Shakespeare's - I've seen nine different interpretations of the play, including a German version and a silent one. Yours outshone them all. [I must admit that the "This too too solid flesh" soliloquy brought me to tears.]

Finally, and perhaps more importantly, dearer to my heart and more immediate to my life, I would like to congratulate you on your performance in Recovery and thank you deeply for your patronage of Headway Essex. I was in a severe car accident in 1985, and became one of the very first high-level head injury survivors. Your performance in Recovery also moved me to tears several times because I found myself thinking, "I know exactly what that character is going through, and I know how hard it is to go through that kind of trauma and to try to come back, to be your perception of yourself again." And I know what it's like to feel that frustrated that you're... drowning in this new person you've become. Had there been something like Headway Essex here in the States back then, I believe I would have had an easier time of my recovery, had more support from people who understood what it's like, felt less alone in my struggle. On behalf of the people that your patronage helps, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help you've been able to effect.

I will cut this letter short now, or else you could be reading for ages yet. ;)

With deep respect and admiration, I remain,

- Stephanie Peterman
david who?

i have to ask....
David Tennant, Scottish actor, played Doctor Who, Hamlet, Casanova, etc. Intelligent to the roof, charitable, talented/brilliant... and sex on legs. ;)
yes, yes he is.

i was going to sy, if it was david soul, i have an in. he's family.
Wow, that's cool. :) But he's going to *read* it!
LOL sex on legs. I so agree.
You are /so/ 12 when it comes to that man...
Yes, yes, I am. ;) But you love me anyway, or possibly even because of it. ;)