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Music's Domain

The Vasty Plains of Song

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The Fair-Voiced One
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"Fuck it. Had enough. Here's the truth:", Johnny Rotten/John Lydon. My journal is full of the truth, or at least, the truth as I see it.

Unfortunately, "I am." (my previous biographical information), as accurate as it may be, is not terribly informative.

I am:
  • a woman
  • 34 years of age
  • of the "lusty, busty, redhead"ed persuasion
  • am open-minded (to the point of "losing my mind", according to my dear, beloved Dad)
  • a girl geek
  • mourning the loss of my Dad to a rare form of cancer (Requiescat in pace, Daddy - 1:56 AM, January 16, 2004)
  • of unsound immune system and, thus, am sick often
  • a chronic migraineur
  • the owner of one seriously fucked-up back, which will hopefully be surgically improved
  • the proud Mommy of two very sweet, cute Campbell's Russian Dwarf hamsters and one gorgeous, affectionate Winter White dwarf hamster
  • someone who is very grateful to be in recovery - 23 months without a relapse. I've come close, but I've always managed to hold on!

Anything else is up to interpretation.

Because I believe in giving credit where it's due, these are my icons:

Gaz: My default icon - A character from the cartoon Invader Zim - The sister of Dib (the only person who realizes that Zim is an alien... sort of like a Fox Mulder-in-training), Gaz is a cynical, irritable chick who's got enough style for five. [Used in default (if I don't know what else to use), and if I'm feeling cranky.]

Gir: A tres cute and very insane little robot from Zim who disguises himself as a dog. (Although why the costume is green is sort of beyond me.) He's adorable! :) [Used if I'm feeling a bit up or silly.]

The Everlasting Why: A reference from one of my favorite movies, A Room With a View. George Emerson (played by Julian Sands) has been taught by his father to recognize and celebrate the joy and beauty in life. A somber young man, George questions if life is so beautiful and joyous, how can there be pain and suffering? So he asks The Everlasting Why. [Used when I'm confused, curious, or thoughtful.]

Anglophile: The Union Jack with the word 'anglophile' on its right edge, this icon apeals to me, since I am fascinated by British society. I love British music (ABC being my all-time favorite band, and Duran Duran, New Order, Depeche Mode and the like coming in my current personal top twenty), British movies (Sliding Doors, Four Weddings and a Funeral, A Room With a View and other Merchant Ivory films, Bridget Jones' Diary, etc., being some of my favorites), British TV (Black Adder, Red Dwarf, Monty Python, Mr. Bean, Trust, Murder in Mind, Absolutely Fabulous, Wire in the Blood, Rebus (and probably McCallum), etc.), and so on. [Used when I'm talking about British stuff!]

Cracked: An egg that's cracked but not broken - reflective of both how I'm feeling (cracked) and what I hope (that I'm not permanently broken). [Used when I'm feeling either particularly weak or strong.]

Friendship: Two kittens, one orange marmalade, the other black, sitting together. The marmalade kitten on the right has her left front leg draped over the back of the black kitten, looking as though she's giving him a hug. :) [Used when I'm feeling grateful for my friends. I really should probably use it more often.]

Kitten: The (amazingly cute) kitten from the "Every Time You Masturbate, God Kills a Kitten" thing that was circling the 'net there for a while. [Used when I'm feeling silly.]

Outrage!: Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbes) apparently screaming out loud in frustration or anger. [Used initially when I was feeling angry about losing Dad so soon (Dad *loved* Calvin and Hobbes), but also for when I'm particularly frustrated or angry.]

Sleepytime: Two cats curled up together, sleeping. Awww! [Used when I'm tired, sleepy, feel safe, feeling trusting, etc.]

Adam: Adam Savage of Mythbusters, with the caption "Geeks rule". Yes, this is the guy I've got a crush on. :) Taken with permission from gypsyjr. [Used... well, it hasn't been used yet. :) But it will be when I'm dealing with feeling kinda geeky, dorky, talking about Adam, etc. :)]
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